Abu Dhabi Food and Drink

Abu Dhabi food and beverage hotels and restaurants are very well attuned to tourists with many tips

Yas Mall Rollercoaster Restaurant
Yas Mall Rollercoaster Restaurant

For tourists, we present here once the Abu Dhabi food and drink. In the hotel, you should definitely book the breakfast where you can then serve yourself every morning at the buffet. There are also warm dishes.

Abu Dhabi food and drink

Very important on vacation is of course the catering. When Abu Dhabi food and drink you need not worry and in the hotel you always get an excellent catering. As already mentioned, you should always reserve breakfast. Furthermore, there is also half board offered where you have to expect a surcharge of at least 20 euros per day and person.

Whether you need this then everyone must decide for themselves. We always recommend to try the Arabic cuisine because you will not get it every day. But the hotels have also adjusted very well to international tourists and offer appropriate dishes. Especially popular are always the Italian dishes such as pasta or pizza.

What kind of meals should you book in the hotel:
At least the breakfast

What is the extra charge for half board:
About 20 euros per person per day

Abu Dhabi Fish Market
Abu Dhabi Fish Market

There is also international cuisine in the emirate

Japanese, Indian, Lebanese or even French are all available there. The different nationalities in the Arabian Gulf have brought specialties from their home countries. The emirate Abu Dhabi offers so a multicultural as well as very varied gastronomy scene on a very high level. What you can see very soon as a visitor.

In recent years, more and more international top restaurants have opened, which showcase a colorful culinary diversity. Especially in the luxury hotels of Abu Dhabi like the Emirates Palace gourmets will find many specialties and completely new taste experiences. The fish and seafood are prepared here in some places freshly caught directly from the Arabian Gulf. You can taste that, of course.

What cuisines are there:

Where to find the top restaurants:
In the luxury hotels

Be sure to try Arabic cuisine

In addition to the many international delights, you can also find a way to eat traditional Arabic food. A few decades ago it was common practice to sit down on soft carpets or even on cushions. The guests are served a plate with fresh fish or also with oriental spiced mutton, rice, dates as well as with flat baked breads.

This is accompanied by mint tea, camel milk or coffee. The local Bedouin cuisine is very simple. Unfortunately, today you have to search very intensively for these restaurants. Actually quite a pity. The clear influence from some other Arabic countries increased very much because of traders and travelers. They brought this food culture to us first.

These are the delicacies:
Mint tea
Camel milk

A chicken and noodle dish
A chicken and noodle dish
Tea time at the Burj al Arab
Tea time at the Burj al Arab

What you should definitely eat there

Lebanon, Iran and beautiful Morocco enrich and dominate that very classic cuisine from the Orient. For example, you can find tabbouleh, a wonderful parsley salad with onions as well as with tomatoes, or hummus, a very tasty mush made from chickpeas. When eating and drinking in Abu Dhabi, guests experience the emirate’s distinctly polite hospitality. Here, the meal is more than just food. It really is an experience in itself.

Our tip:

Which countries do the dishes come from:

BBQ Al Qasr

On the beach of the Emirates Palace stands that luxury barbecue station with a wonderful view of the very magnificent building with the domes as well as the skyline of Abu Dhabi. Guests sit in very comfortable wooden cabanas with a cozy flair. They are served the excellent grilled dishes. In this restaurant, if you wish, even the very high quality meat from the Japanese Kobe cattle comes on the grill.

Is it necessary to make a reservation:
Yes, you should do it

Quest ( with a great view )

Up to the 63rd floor climbs not only an elevator but also the appetite. In the new pan-Asian restaurant, flavors from Japan, Malaysia and China mingle. Service is attentive, lighting is kept to a minimum, and the views of beautiful Abu Dhabi are impressive. Fresh ingredients for great new dishes, classic dishes, and a touch of creativity add to this meal.

Is a reservation necessary there:
Yes, you should

The entrance to the Emirates Palace
The entrance to the Emirates Palace

Sho Cho

Sushi and cocktail fans alike should be fascinated by this new location. Modern as well as quite imaginative creations from the Japanese delicacy of raw fish are available for visitors to choose from. The quality is particularly good and especially the buffet on Sunday is very rich. The interior as well as the colors are puristic-cool, but at late hours the music and the drinks heat up the atmosphere properly.

Is a reservation necessary there:
No, not absolutely necessary


This Southeast Asian restaurant with its Thai and Indonesian influences can be found on the very popular island of Saadiyat. It is quite easy to find. The decor is somewhat understated with a combination of warm wood tones and clean lines. It gives such a very nice effect. But it scores especially with its safe yet very restrained service, with the fresh ideas as well as the ingredients in the preparation as well as with the view of a pristine white sand as well as the vast sea. This restaurant is a real experience. You should definitely have tried it once. Try it yourself. You will surely be delighted.

Is it necessary to make a reservation:
Yes, you should do that

Where to drink alcohol in Abu Dhabi

To the Abu Dhabi meal and drinking belongs naturally particularly with German tourists also always a cool beer. But it is important to know that you can only get this in licensed bars and restaurants that have an alcohol license. Furthermore, it is so that you have to pay for a beer once up to 20 euros. But at dinner you can also drink a water that is much cheaper.

Is there also beer there:
Yes, but very expensive

What does a beer cost there:
Up to 20 euros

Our opinion

Now you have learned a lot about Abu Dhabi food and drink. We recommend to always book at least breakfast in the hotel. For dinner, half board is not absolutely necessary because there are good restaurants everywhere in the city. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to try the Arabic cuisine. Who does not tolerate this can also eat the international dishes.

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