Abu Dhabi Mall

There are over 200 stores in the Abu Dhabi Mall for the visitors to visit on vacation once with tips

Abu Dhabi Mall
Abu Dhabi Mall

The Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the Arabian metropolis with over 200 stores. About 40,000 visitors per day come to the mall where there is something for every taste. Certainly, the location in the middle of the city center is interesting so that you can reach it very quickly.

Information about Abu Dhabi Mall

The mall is no longer one of the newest malls in the city. But it is still very well done and recommended for a visit. Especially if you have booked a city hotel then you should visit it. In principle, you see in Abu Dhabi mainly modern buildings and it was built a lot in recent years.

If there is a mall already a few years then this is considered there already as old. The Abu Dhabi Mall was opened in 2001. Of course you can find bigger shopping centers like the Yas Mall. For a stroll, the good and somewhat older but still very well suited. Furthermore, as a visitor you can benefit from the cheaper prices.

When was the mall opened:
May 15, 2001

How many visitors there are per day:
About 40,000

Number of stores:

Shopping Center Abu Dhabi Mall
Shopping Center Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall with numerous shopping opportunities

The Abu Dhabi Mall is located in the World Trade Center in downtown Abu Dhabi. The architecture with a lot of wood inside the building is already worth a visit. But it becomes interesting only by the more than 200 stores, in which with security everyone finds. In addition to numerous fashion stores such as H&M, you will also find furniture stores and small gift stores where you can find special souvenirs for family and friends. So the selection is very large and you will always find something there. Furthermore, you should also take advantage of the offers where you can then make a bargain.

Where is the mall located:
In the World Trade Center

Eating and drinking

Afterwards, you can satisfy your hunger in one of the restaurants and continue your shopping tour. As a visitor of the Abu Dhabi Mall you have the possibility to visit the food court where you can eat cheap. If you prefer to have a waitress then you can visit a restaurant. For tourists it is important to know that they are closed during Ramadan. This also applies to tourists and you can only get something there in the evening after sunset.

Is there also a food court there:
Yes, this is available

Are there fast food chains available:
Yes, you can find them there as well

The opening hours of the Abu Dhabi Mall

If you want to visit the mall, you should of course keep to the opening hours so as not to be faced with closed doors. Open is the Abu Dhabi Mall from Thursday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Further from Saturday to Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Who would like to have it a little quieter with fewer visitors should go during the week.

On weekends you always have to expect more visitors. The restaurants are open a little longer than the stores from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. So you can still go for dinner after closing time. Then there is a large supermarket that is even open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. So if you are planning a vacation in Abu Dhabi, you should definitely plan a visit to Abu Dhabi Mall.

When is the mall open:
Saturday to Wednesday
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday to Friday
10:00 AM – 11.00 PM

Abu Dhabi Mall Shopping Center
Abu Dhabi Mall Shopping Center
Shopping in Abu Dhabi
Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Address and location

If you have never been on vacation in Abu Dhabi and want to visit the Abu Dhabi Mall then it is best to take a cab from your hotel. The cab drivers in Abu Dhabi of course know all the big malls and this is no problem. The mall is located along Al Maiyani Street near the Beach Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi. If you have a rental car then you can park it for free in the large parking garage. There is enough space with over 2,000 parking spaces. Directly in front of the entrance there is a cab stand where you can get back to the hotel very quickly. So this is not a problem.

To which street do you have to go:
Al Maiyani Street

Which hotel is nearby:
Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Is there parking there:
Yes, about 2,000

Playground for the kids

Since children are often not yet that interested in shopping per se, there is of course a special area for children with a children’s cinema and other play facilities. There they can occupy themselves for a few hours with all kinds of games. So the kids can go play there and the parents can go shopping in peace.

Abu Dhabi Mall Prices

Of course, the prices are always very important for visitors. Especially tourists always like to make a bargain. In principle, the prices are comparable with other malls in Abu Dhabi such as Yas Mall or Marina Mall. If you are lucky then there is an offer that you can take advantage of.

But the prices are not as cheap as you would imagine. It is always communicated in travel guides that everything is so cheap because of the tax exemption. But in Abu Dhabi the products are also not given away what one can imagine. For example, you can always buy cheap fashion. With electronic articles one will make usually no bargain.

What can you buy cheap there:
Usually clothing

Are electronics items cheap there:
Usually not

World Trade Center Abu Dhabi
World Trade Center Abu Dhabi
The mall from the outside
The mall from the outside

Can you change money there

For tourists it is very important to know that you can change money there. There are several stores that you can recognize by the inscription Money Exchange. Usually you get a better rate in a mall. You can change the currency Euro into Dirham without any problems. But you should always look carefully at the exchange rate. Because this changes constantly and one would like to get certainly always more from his money.

Are there also exchange offices there:
Yes, always look for Money Exchange


The shopping malls in Abu Dhabi are not only a shopping experience, but also have other attractions. There are several cinemas where you can watch the latest movies. In the Fun City there is again an area for the children where you can let them play. So you can do a lot there and for a visit you should plan several hours.

What else is there:
Fun City

Is the mall air conditioned

With the warm temperatures all year round, the Abu Dhabi Mall is of course air conditioned. This is always a good option where you can cool down a bit. But tourists should be careful not to get a cold there. Because in the mall the temperature is mostly set around 22 degrees and outside it is over 40 degrees. Therefore, one must first get used to the temperature difference.

Our rating

The Abu Dhabi Mall is a nice shopping center that is always recommended for a visit. You are there in the middle of the city and it is easy to reach. However, the stores are usually the same in most malls and you won’t notice much difference there. If you have booked a city hotel then you should stop by there.

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