Abu Dhabi Transportation

The best Abu Dhabi transportation for tourists are cab, shuttle buses and rental car with many tips

Abu Dhabi Airport Taxis
Abu Dhabi Airport Taxis

The best Abu Dhabi transportation for tourists are cab, shuttle buses from the hotels, or even you can rent a car right after arriving at Abu Dhabi airport if you want.

What are the Abu Dhabi means of transportation

In Abu Dhabi there are different means of transportation to explore the city and its surroundings. Due to the high temperatures in Abu Dhabi you should not walk longer distances, but take one of the air-conditioned means of transport. In the United Arab Emirates, the public transport network is constantly being expanded and enlarged.

There will be new connections in the future, which will be very interesting for the numerous tourists. There is no railroad network here at present. The expansion of a subway network is planned for the next few years. At the moment you have the choice between buses, cabs or rental cars. There are several connections to various cities, which are very inexpensive.

What should you use as a tourist:
The cab ( prices are cheap )

How to get from the airport to the hotel:
Book a transfer with a minibus

Big Bus Abu Dhabi
Big Bus Abu Dhabi

Explore the city by bus

The buses are modern and air-conditioned and run regularly. The roads are very well developed and the nearest cities and sights can be reached quickly and comfortably. The network of inner-city buses will be further expanded and the number of buses will be drastically increased in the future. The ticket prices are very low and therefore the buses are heavily frequented and are almost always packed.

In the United Arab Emirates, the front seats are reserved for women and the men sit in the back of the bus. If you are in Abu Dhabi for a longer period of time, it is possible to buy an “Orja Pass“, which allows you to take many bus rides in a week without any restrictions. Furthermore, you can also buy daily and monthly tickets. Of course, there is also a regular shuttle bus service from the airport to the city.

Where to sit in the bus:
Women ( front seats )
Men ( rear seats )

Which pass can save you money:
Buy Orja Pass

Car or use the cab

The typical Abu Dhabi means of transportation is, of course, the car. However, be sure to time traffic jams during rush hours. Cabs are the most commonly used means of transportation and travel through the city in large numbers. There is always the possibility to catch one. By beckoning on the street or by calling, a car is immediately available.

Rides in cabs are inexpensive, but a distinction should be made between the silver and gold cabs. The silver cabs calculate the prices according to a taximeter, which is not always the case with the golden cabs and here a so-called fixed price is negotiated, which is then much too high in the end. If one needs a cab from the hotel, this should be procured itself. and not let the hotel organize it, since this becomes more expensive. If one wants to visit the boomtown Dubai, one also has the possibility to use a shared cab, which are stationed at the main bus station.

What is the difference in cabs:
Silver color ( taximeter available )
Golden color ( fare must be negotiated )

Where are the shared cabs located:
Directly at the main bus station

Etihad aircraft at Abu Dhabi airport
Etihad aircraft at Abu Dhabi airport
Abu Dhabi Airport Taxi
Abu Dhabi Airport Taxi

Car Hire in Abu Dhabi

An alternative are the rental cars, which can be rented everywhere. Rental cars can be obtained everywhere, but preference should be given to the points of contact, e.g. at the airport or in the hotels, as the necessary insurance cover is provided here. In any case, an international driver’s license is required. However, it is possible to book a driver for the rental car. There is right-hand traffic and seat belts are compulsory. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front.

Do you need an international driver’s license:
Yes, you must always have it with you

Where to pick up the rental car:
The best place is directly at the airport after landing

What to keep in mind when driving

The roads are very well developed and you can get to the other cities quickly and easily. The maximum speed is 50 km/h in the cities and 100 km/h on the highways. Also in the United Arab Emirates there are radar controls and so-called “speed cameras“. The O-promille rule applies here.

In addition, talking on a cell phone while driving is also prohibited here in the United Arab Emirates. The road signs are in Arabic and English. There are two other rules in road traffic. One states that trucks are not allowed to overtake and the second states that in a traffic circle, the person driving on the inside always has the right of way. If an accident should happen, it is absolutely advisable to inform the police, otherwise high penalties are to be expected. Furthermore, insurance coverage is no longer guaranteed.

How fast can you drive there:
In the city ( 50 km/h )
Freeway ( 100 km/h )

Are there also radar controls:
Yes, please drive slowly

What language do the street signs have:
Arabic and English

Sheikh Zayed Mosque marble columns
Sheikh Zayed Mosque marble columns
Yas Beach
Yas Beach

Book Hop On Hop Off Tour of Abu Dhabi

In our opinion one of the best Abu Dhabi transportation is the Hop On Hop Off bus in Abu Dhabi. Usually you know this from other cities in the world like London, Paris or New York. These are the red open double decker buses where you can easily reach the famous sights like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the Emirates Palace Hotel. You simply book a ticket for 24 hours and can get off and on at any point.

Where to book this tour:
Here in our ticket shop

Are the attractions visited:
Yes, you see a lot of the city

Shuttles from the hotels are free of charge

If you have booked a five star luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, for example, then they usually offer the hotel guests a free shuttle bus. This means that you can then drive to a large shopping center such as the Marina Mall or Yas Mall. Furthermore, it can be that one is driven to a beautiful beach like the Yas Beach. But of course this always depends on the hotel. It is always best to ask beforehand if something like this is offered there.

Where do the shuttle buses go:
Malls and also beaches

Our opinion

As a tourist you have the possibility to use many different Abu Dhabi means of transport. In principle, everyone must decide for themselves with which one would like to explore the city. You can reach a lot on foot, but at some point you are always dependent on a means of transport. For tourists who are there for the first time, the Hop On Hop Off bus is certainly a good choice.

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