Big Island

The largest island in Hawaii is Big Island and you can look as a tourist there very much with tips

Big Island
Big Island

Hawaii is an island state and Big Island is the largest of the islands and also very well known. Here you can learn everything about this island if you want to make a vacation there. This is worthwhile in any case and so you imagine the paradise.

Big Island in Hawaii to visit is a dream

For many people around the world, Hawaii embodies the South Seas. This group of islands tempts people to dream. Of a romantic and carefree life. Hawaii is an American state. About 130 islands belong to Hawaii. Most of these islands are very small and inhabited. One of these islands stands out already by its size.

The capital Hilo of Big Island, here every tourist has a great starting point for excursions. With 47,000 inhabitants, Hilo offers everything visitors need. By the way, the island is over 10.000 km² big. Excursions can be planned and booked in Hilo. Of course, the volcanoes or the orchid gardens are the most popular destinations from Hilo.

Length of the island:
93 miles

Approximately 198,000

Main town:

Hawaii map
Hawaii map

Tropical climate and make island tour

But also macadamia nut plantations are near the capital of the Island. The tropical and humid climate  makes all plants bloom splendidly. Many excursions on the island can only be done by car. A tour of the island is possible in one day by rental car. However, this is a feat that few tourists want to experience.

Is it possible to explore the island by car:
Yes, it is possible

What is the climate like there:
Warm temperatures all year round

What to see there as a tourist

Other destinations from Hilo are, the rainbow waterfalls and the waterfalls of Àkaka. The people of Hilo love this city. Because it still has a flair from long ago. This Island offers a lot of variety. This becomes clear in Kailua-Kona. In contrast to Hilo, Kailua-Kona is much more lively. This city is strongly influenced by tourism.  Furthermore there are many hotels and restaurants.

Also with souvenirs every tourist can stock up. They can find everything they need in the numerous stores. The city of Kailua-Kona now has over 37,000 inhabitants. Most of them live from and with tourism. In this city is the oldest church of Hawaii. It was built from lava rock in 1823 and is a point of attraction. Kailua-Kona is world famous for the Ironman Hawaii competition. This takes place every year in October. It is a very modern city. Especially among younger people, it is more popular than Hilo.

Be sure to visit it:
Rainbow Waterfalls
Waterfalls of Àkaka

Population about 37,000

What always takes place there:
The famous Ironman

Volcanoes National Park
Volcanoes National Park
Lava in Volcanoes National Park
Lava in Volcanoes National Park

Must see the Volcanoes National Park

The absolute highlight of Big Island is the Volcanoes National Park. In the national park, founded in 1916, you can observe the volcanic activities. This is unique in the world. Near the national park is the Jaggar Museum. This museum is a must for people interested in volcanoes. Exhibitions of previous volcanic eruptions are made here. Another place of interest is the Thurston Lava Tube. This is an old tunnel made of lava rock.

Kilauea Visitor Center:
National Park
1 Crater Rim Drive
Volcano, HI 96785

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Jaggar Museum:
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
HI 96718, United States

You should go there for a hike or a walk

The cool climate in the National Park makes for great walking or hiking. A very nice walk is through the Kipuka Puaulu. This is a bird sanctuary. Everyone who likes volcanoes, mountains and nature will feel comfortable here. But you should always allow enough time. This is always a great excursion that you can do on this island.

Important when hiking:
Always wear the right clothes and shoes

Waipio Lookout
Waipio Lookout
Hawaii Big Island
Hawaii Big Island

Why is the island so popular with tourists

Big Island has over 198,000 inhabitants. Very much is different from other islands. There are mountains over 13.123 feet high and black sand beaches. Orchid gardens or banana plantations. The volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls are impressive. The history of the Polynesians or the population of the present, there are always differences. This is Big Island. Whether it is the people, the cities or the nature. Everyone who lives on Big Island or visits this island can always discover and experience something new. This is what makes the inexplicable charm of this Hawaiian island.

These are the highlights:
Schware sandy beaches
Mountains over 13.123 feet high
Orchid gardens
Banana plantations

Our opinion

The Big Island is definitely very interesting for a vacation. In any case, it is different from Oahu, for example. In our opinion every island is very different and therefore you should have a look at all of them. You can reach them by plane and island hopping is very popular there. You can stay overnight in nice hotels. But a rental car is definitely necessary if you want to explore the island.

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