Book Miami flight cheap

Of course, every tourist would like to book a Miami flight cheap, here are our many insider tips

A restaurant along Ocean Drive
A restaurant along Ocean Drive

How to book a Miami flight cheap we will explain here. Decisive is always the travel time, departure day and much more which can of course influence the airfare. As a tourist you can do very much wrong there.

Miami flight cheap booking

But where do you book a cheap flight to Miami and the best way to find out is a price comparison on the Internet. There you can see very quickly which flight is the cheapest with which airline. It is always advisable to book a few months in advance where the prices are usually slightly better than shortly before. Often, the airlines also offer special rates and offers that are only then bookable on the official website.

There, a price comparison is then no longer useful because the rates are not available there. Furthermore, it is so that, for example, these portals offer flights where no baggage is included. That is, these costs are not calculated there and thus the flight is then also cheaper. But the fewest tourists fly only with hand luggage to Miami. So you have to add these costs.

Our tip:
Always book directly with the airline

When should you book the flight:
Already months before

Miami Airport
Miami Airport

We always recommend booking a direct flight

Booking a cheap Miami flight and getting a direct flight is not that easy. Who can afford it should always book a direct flight where you are fastest in the metropolis of Miami. The flight takes a little longer and if you decide to change planes once then you have to take this time into account.

This can be a few hours and at this airport you also have to do the USA entry. If one has only two hours stopover this can become already once scarce and if one has bad luck then the further flight is already away and one remains on this airport sit and must spend the night there. This has already happened to many passengers and then you can only fly on the next day.

What are the advantages:
One is faster in Miami
No need to change planes

Are there also disadvantages:
As a rule, a direct flight is more expensive

Where is Miami International Airport located

The Sunshine State of Florida is a favorite destination of many tourists and most of them land at Miami International Airport. This is located about 5 kilometers ( 3 miles ) northwest of Miami and there are many airport hotels where you can stay overnight. Miami airport is also the largest airport in the state of Florida and you should always choose it first. You have the best flight connections there.

Exact location:
5 kilometers ( 3 miles ) northwest of the city center

Are there also airport hotels there:
Yes, very many ( reasonable prices )

Lufthansa A380 Miami
Lufthansa A380 Miami

Direct flight from Germany to Miami

There are several direct flights between Germany and Miami offered by Lufthansa. There are direct flights from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich to Miami. The outbound flight from Germany to Miami takes about 9 hours and 50 minutes. The return flight is slightly shorter at 8 hours and 50 minutes.

Where should you depart from:
Frankfurt am Main

Flight duration on the outbound flight:
9 hours, 50 minutes

Return flight from Miami:
8 hours, 50 minutes

Major hub of American Airlines

Miami International Airport is also a major hub for American Airlines and several cargo airlines. Each year, Miami Airport handles about 45 million passengers and the airport was opened in 1928. The airport has several terminals and four runways.

Passengers per year:
Approximately 45 million

Which US airline has a hub there:
American Airlines

Ein Shuttle Bus am Flughafen Miami
Ein Shuttle Bus am Flughafen Miami

These are the sights in Miami

The airport in Miami is constantly being expanded and developed as the demand for the destination Miami among tourists is growing. Miami is certainly the most popular destination of Florida tourists and then comes the theme park metropolis Orlando. Well-known attractions in Miami are of course Miami Beach with Ocean Drive, Art Deco District, South Beach and much more.

What to see:
Ocean Drive
Art Deco District
South Beach

Cruise to the Caribbean is an experience

The largest cruise port in the world is also located in Miami and cruises to the Caribbean are offered from there. The major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines are based there. Miami is also the perfect destination for a beach vacation and shopping. There are numerous shopping malls in Miami where you can shop cheaply.

Which islands can be reached there:

Many flights go to Latin America

Miami International Airport is also a popular transfer airport between Europe and Latin America. Many tourists vacation in Miami and others fly on to Latin America. Thus, it is always important to be able to book the Miami flight cheaply. Miami is also the gateway to South America and the Caribbean and the most important financial center in the south of the USA.

Are there also direct flights to Latin America:
Yes, it is possible

Miami International Airport
Miami International Airport

Our insider tips that you should visit

Very interesting is the downtown of Miami with many modern skyscrapers. Tourists like to vacation in Miami Beach where you can spend a beach vacation. A well-known boulevard in Miami Beach is the Lincoln Road with numerous stores and restaurants. Miami and Miami Beach have a special flair and that is why many tourists want to spend their vacations there.

Where should you spend a beach vacation:
In Miami Beach

With which language do you have to communicate there

There is also a lot of Spanish spoken in Miami and basic knowledge of English and Spanish is recommended for a trip to Miami. Lufthansa regularly offers cheap flights to Miami and most tourists prefer a direct flight. Very popular is also directly a rental car at Miami International Airport to take over so that one is mobile during the Miami trip.

Practical is certainly also the takeover of a rental car at the airport Miami where the rental car center is located near the airport. There, all major providers have an office and you can pick up a rental car and bring it back again. With a free people mover you can then get from this terminal to the actual airport and then you can check in. But you should plan enough time because you have to walk very far.

How to reach the Rental Car Center:
With the Peoplemover

Flughafen Miami Rental Car Center
Flughafen Miami Rental Car Center

Terminals are very clearly arranged

The terminals at Miami International Airport are very clearly laid out and you can find your way around very quickly. It is best to find out in advance from which terminal you are departing and then you can go straight to it and save time. Miami is a very large city with 410,000 inhabitants in the city center and in the metropolitan area live over 6.1 million people where also Fort Lauderdale belongs to it. By the way, there is also an airport there where you can land.

Inform in advance in which terminal you will depart

The weather is very warm all year round

The most important reason for a trip to Miami is certainly the year-round good climate and weather with lots of sunshine. It is not only called Sunshine State Florida without reason and in this US state the sun really shines very often. If it is not quite so warm and the temperatures have cooled down a bit, then the sun usually comes out in the afternoon.

Otherwise it is always nice and warm and sunny. In the summer months you always have to expect some rain and after an hour the sun shines again. This also increases the humidity and you have to sweat very often. Hardly any rain and rather dry are the winter months from November to April which are also the best travel time for Miami. But for a beach vacation you can fly the whole year to Miami because the climate is just perfect.

May to October:
Warm weather
High humidity

November to April:
Somewhat cooler
Hardly any rain

Miami Downtown
Miami Downtown

In Florida there are many snowbirds

Of course, many rich Americans have discovered this for themselves and have built their winter residences there with dreamlike luxury villas directly by the sea. From these you can go out directly with your own boat which is very nice. Impressive is also the skyline of Miami and many high-rise buildings there are banks and insurance companies. At night, these buildings are illuminated and you look impressed on the skyline. One of the landmarks of Miami is the Freedom Tower which you can see from afar because it is very high. Many tourists also make a round trip from Miami and look at other cities such as Orlando or Tampa, which are located more north.

Is it possible to rent the villas:
Yes, this is also possible

Our opinion

Now one experienced very much like one the Miami flight favorably can book. As a rule, this is often not so easy and you always have to watch the prices over a longer period of time. Who books at short notice often pays a much higher price because there are only remaining seats. Therefore, always inform well.

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