A small island in Hawaii is Molokai where there is an impressive nature and steep cliffs with many tips

Molokai Hawaii cliffs
Molokai Hawaii cliffs

The island of Molokai is one of the eight islands that belong to Hawaii. With its 673 square kilometers, a length of 60 kilometers and a width of 16 kilometers, it is one of the smaller volcanic islands.

Beautiful island of Molokai in Hawaii

Surrounded by the neighboring islands of Oahu and Maui, it is not far from Hawaii. Molokai is the only island that belongs to two counties formed by Mai County and Kalawao County. It is often referred to as the friendly or forgotten island. With a population of only 7,500, the island is sparsely populated.

The largest part of the inhabitants are still called real Hawaiians. They are considered very hospitable and live mainly in the rural part of the island. They are mostly farmers who earn their living by growing seeds and watermelons. But for tourists this is very interesting since there is no mass tourism there.

Length of the island:
60 kilometers ( 37 miles )

16 kilometers ( 9,9 miles )

673 square kilometers

Only 7,500

Hawaii map
Hawaii map

You can find there still untouched beaches

In the north of the island there are still partly untouched beaches and landscape sections. The volcanic origin is noticeable in the landscaping. Mount Kamakou has a height of 4970 feet, making it the largest mountain on the island. The tropical climate ensures that plants grow lushly.

Highest mountain of the island:
Kamakou ( 4970 feet )

Where are the pristine beaches:
In the north of the island

Impressive tropical vegetation

In many parts of the country the tropical vegetation reminds of an unfounded jungle. Small streams add to the charm of adventure. Numerous animal species are represented there, such as the white-grey bat, which was one of the first animals to colonize the island. Only the introduction by man, made it possible for the reptiles and amphibians to come to the island.

What species of animals are there:
White gray bat

Kamakou Preserve
Kamakou Preserve
Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Kalaupapa National Historical Park

These are the sights of Molokai

For many bird species Molokai is the purest paradise to nest undisturbed. Papohaku beach is a pristine beach with white soft sand. It is interspersed with small plants. Because of its seclusion and its generous size, it invites you to take long, relaxing walks. Due to its natural beauty it is a popular photo object, which should not be missing in any vacation album.

Many visitors take the opportunity to have a picnic there undisturbed, since there are neither restaurants nor cafes on this beach. Furthermore, you should visit the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The Halawa Valley is also very beautiful. Of course you should also visit the main town Kaunakakai. Another highlight is the Plumeria Farm & Macadamia Nut Farm.

Must see:
Papohaku Beach
Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Halawa Valley
Main town Kaunakakai
Plumeria Farm & Macadamia Nut Farm

You can also go surfing there

The big waves of the sea attract many experienced surfers who want to enjoy their sport there to the fullest. Papohaku is not only a popular place for people to stay. Marine mammals, such as the Hawaiian monk seal, more often stray there to enjoy some peace and quiet. Minke pilot whales and the Eastern Pacific dolphin also frequent this coast.

Can you surf there:
Yes, it is possible

What marine mammals can be seen there:
Hawaii monk seal
Minke pilot whales
East Pacific dolphin

Halawa Valley
Halawa Valley

Impressive cliffs on the north coast

On the north coast, on the other hand, the highest cliffs in the world can be marveled at. Another highlight is the fringing reef with a total length of 45 kilometers on the south coast. But not only the nature is unique on Molokai, but also the small capital Kaunakakai. With its 3,000 inhabitants, it is one of the most important and largest cities on Molokai.

Where are the cliffs located:
On the north coast

You will not find any big shopping centers there

Since there are no large shopping centers there, the islanders are supplied with supplies and food by family-run stores. Tugboats and barges loaded with goods regularly dock at the shipyard to supply these stores. There is hardly any traffic on the streets, there are neither traffic lights, nor crosswalks. The numerous restaurants and cafes can be reached quickly even without a vehicle. Still worth seeing is the library, which was built in 1937. The building has been preserved in its original state.

Our opinion

For those seeking peace and quiet, the island of Molokai is a paradise and there are only a few inhabitants. Especially spectacular are the cliffs on the north coast and these should definitely be seen. So there is a lot to discover on this island for visitors. Furthermore, you can also go surfing there and that is very popular in Hawaii.

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