Abu Dhabi Airport Transfer

Here we present the best Abu Dhabi airport transfer you should use as a tourist with many tips

Abu Dhabi Airport Taxi
Abu Dhabi Airport Taxi

Here we present the best Abu Dhabi airport transfer that you should use as a tourist. You have a wide choice of how to get to the booked hotel in the city center, or to an island such as Yas Island.

Abu Dhabi Airport Transfer Tips

There are many ways to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to the hotel and the best options for tourists are listed below. Abu Dhabi International Airport is located 30 kilometers east of the city center and it is best for tourists who are in the city for the first time to use the cab. This is very cheap and you just tell the driver the hotel and he will go there.

The transfer time is about 30 minutes if you have booked a hotel in the city center. Cabs run day and night and there are always a lot of them at the airport and you don’t have to wait long. Usually there is room for up to three people in a cab and then you can share the fare. Furthermore, there are also larger cabs available where the suitcases have enough space.

What should you use:
The best is the cab

Distance from the airport to the city center:
About 30 kilometers

Transfer time:
30 minutes

Do the cabs run day and night:
Yes, they are always on the road

Abu Dhabi Airport
Abu Dhabi Airport

Book transfer through the tour operator

Another option is to book an Abu Dhabi airport transfer directly with the tour operator. The tour operator will gladly organize this for a fee, which is usually much higher than if you take a cab. There is then a driver with a name tag waiting in the arrival hall of the airport and you only need to go to it.

This is very convenient and you do not have to worry about anything. Mostly it is then a minibus where maybe eight people have space. It is very important that you book a private transfer where no other tourists are going with you. If you do not do this then it may well be that other passengers who want to go to the same hotel or one nearby that may be on the route you stop there briefly where other passengers can get off. Of course, this all has advantages and disadvantages with a transfer and with a cab you go directly to the hotel without detours.

Is a private transfer possible:
Yes, you can book this through the organizer.

Does the driver wait with a name tag in the terminal:
Yes, this is very convenient

Do you have to pay more:
Usually it costs more

Free transfer from the hotel is possible

But there are also hotels in Abu Dhabi that offer free transportation for hotel guests. But then you have to book a luxury hotel like the Emirates Palace, or a special suite where this is included.

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Yas Island
Yas Island

Pick up a rental car at the airport

Then there is the possibility to rent a car directly at the airport and from there you can drive to the hotel. Tourists who have never been in Abu Dhabi, however, this is not advisable because you have no local knowledge and most planes always land shortly before midnight. Then it is already dark and you can not orient yourself in the city.

After all, you want to get to the hotel directly and without driving the wrong way. But if you know your way around you can rent a car because this is very practical and you are independent. The rental car can then be returned to the airport and many tourists also like to explore the other emirates such as Dubai or Ras al Khaimah.

Can you pick up a rental car at the airport:
Yes, this is possible

Where is the return:
This is also possible at Abu Dhabi Airport

Is this recommended for first-time visitors:
No, it is better not to do this

What is better the cab, bus, limousine or rental car

You should find out beforehand exactly where the hotel is located and how far it is from the airport. The cab is certainly the best and cheapest means of transport for newcomers. Furthermore, the price is of course also decisive how much you have to pay for the Abu Dhabi airport transfer. As already mentioned, there are hotels where you do not have to pay anything.

Emirates Palace
Emirates Palace
St. Regis Saadiyat Island
St. Regis Saadiyat Island

Are there also private car service providers there

Meanwhile, there are also many car service providers who provide their own car and then offer, for example, an Abu Dhabi airport transfer for tourists. But there you should always know that it is a private provider. As a rule, these are always cheaper. But you must not forget that they may not be insured and there may be problems. So do not just look at the price.

What are the advantages and disadvantages:
Prices are cheaper
The car may not be insured
It is not an official cab

Our opinion

So there are many different options for Abu Dhabi airport transfer and we recommend tourists who are on vacation there for the first time to still use the traditional good old cab. You will be driven directly from the airport to the hotel at a normal price.

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