Abu Dhabi Triathlon

In March, the Abu Dhabi Triathlon always takes place and as a tourist you should watch there once

Abu Dhabi Triathlon
Abu Dhabi Triathlon

A big event in the emirate is always the Abu Dhabi Triathlon where many visitors and also athletes show there your skills. As a tourist you can watch there once and it is very interesting in any case.

Visit the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

This event is a triathlon that takes place annually in March in Abu Dhabi, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. This triathlon is still one of the younger ones of its kind and was held for the first time on March 13, 2010. At that time, the Spaniard Eneko Llanos won the men’s race with a winning time of 06:34:37 hours.

This is still the course record. In the women’s category, the record is held by Julie Dibens from Great Britain with a time of 07:08:25, with which Dibens won the Abu Dhabi Triathlon in 2010. At the premiere of this competition 800 athletes took part and already one year later the number of participants had almost doubled to 1500. The triathletes came from over 50 countries.

Winner in the men’s category:
Eneko Llanos
Winning time: 06:34:37 hours

Women’s winner:
Julie Dibens
Winning time: 07:08:25


There are different distances

There are three different distances at the Abu Dhabi Triathlon. First there is the sprint distance, which involves a 750-meter swim, followed by a 50-kilometer bike ride and a five-kilometer run at the end. The second variant is the short distance, which involves a 1.5-kilometer swim followed by a 100-kilometer bike ride. This is followed by a ten-kilometer run. The supreme discipline, however, is the long distance. Here, three kilometers are swum, followed by the 200-kilometer bike discipline. The race concludes with a 20-kilometer run.

Sprint distance:
Swimming ( 750 meters )
Cycling ( 50 kilometers )
Running: ( 5 kilometers )

Short distance:
Swimming ( 1500 meters )
Cycling ( 100 kilometers )
Running: ( 10 kilometers )

Long distance:
Swimming ( 3 kilometers )
Cycling ( 200 kilometers )
Running: ( 20 kilometers )

Where is the starting point of the triathlon located

The starting point of the Abu Dhabi Triathlon is the shore directly at the Emirates Palace Hotel. For the swim, the impressive lagoon near the hotel will be crossed. When cycling, you cycle along the city in the east and you also pass places like “Yas Island” or the Formula 1 track “Yas Marina Circuit“. This is definitely very spectacular for the athletes and also visitors.

Starting point:
Emirates Palace

Where do the athletes pass:
Yas Island
Formula One Race Track

Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Circuit
Yas Marina Circuit

It is an endurance sport for the professionals

A triathlon is an endurance sport that consists of a multi-discipline competition of three disciplines. The disciplines mentioned are swimming, cycling and running. So, in a triathlon, exactly these three parts are completed one after the other and in this order, continuously running the time until the athlete reaches the finish line.

What do you have to do there:

A triathlon imposes special conditions on its participants

The athletes who take part in such a competition have to prepare for this event with a special training, because the different disciplines immediately follow each other and therefore there are changes in the musculature during the triathlon. These must finally adapt to the individual requirements and the conditions.

Especially cycling and running are considered the most difficult disciplines. Here, the leg muscles are used to a large extent, which have already been stressed by swimming and are therefore already tired. Therefore, certain training methods must be used, such as the coupling training, in order to enable the athlete to keep the respective transitions between the individual disciplines short. The athletes whose muscles adapt fastest to the respective transition are usually the most successful.

Do you have to do special training there:
Yes, it is required

What training methods should you do:
Couple training

Yas Marina Circuit race track
Yas Marina Circuit race track

The triathlon has a long history

Almost a century ago, in 1920, the first triathlon was held in France. At that time, it consisted of a three-kilometer run, a twelve-kilometer bike course, and a swim across the Marne River. However, interest in the sport waned somewhat by the 1930s.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that triathlon experienced a resurgence, and in 1978 the first Hawaii Ironman was held. This triathlon is considered the “world championship” of triathlon, so to speak, and the level of awareness of this event surpasses that of all other competitions. Nowadays, different triathlons are held almost all over the world and one of them is the Abu Dhabi Triathlon.

When was the first triathlon held:
In 1920

Our opinion

If you are on vacation in Abu Dhabi in March, you should not miss the Abu Dhabi Triathlon. It is a very big event in the Emirate and you can almost compare it with the Formula One race. But the hotels are during this time of course well visited what you can imagine and you also have to spend a little more money for an overnight stay.

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